City Commons CSA

City Commons is a cooperative of Detroit farms raising food with common resources for common people in Metro Detroit.

Thanks to Model D for the article, but this is the wrong website is where you should be.  Thanks!

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We’ve moved!

We finally have our very own website! To keep up to date with what’s in the box and shared recipes and tips, visit us at our new website: Click … Continue reading

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2013 Week 9

Fruit!  Glorious fruit!  Tomatoes, squashes, cucumbers, apples, pears!  There’s some greens and herbs in there as well, but fruit! Collards (Saturday) from Vinewood Knoll Kale (Tuesday) from Vinewood Knoll and … Continue reading

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Roasted Fish and Fennel Fronds

Fennel leaves (or fronds, if you’re fancy) are a really good seasoning for fish. Tilapia, salmon, or even self-caught bass or bluegills work in this simple recipe: Fish Roasted on … Continue reading

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Mint Yogurt Sauce

This sauce is great on lamb chops, as a dip for anything fried, or as a condiment on a sandwich: Ingredients: 1/2 cup fresh mint leaves 1/2 cup fresh cilantro … Continue reading

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Escarole Sausage Penne

Here’s an idea if you’re looking for ways to enjoy escarole and/or swiss chard. This recipe is from The Cooking Channel. INGREDIENTS: 1 pound penne pasta 1 teaspoon olive oil 2 medium onions, … Continue reading

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2013 Week 8

It’s hard to believe August is already here! The dips in temperature seem to be making the hot weather-loving crops a bit sluggish, but they’re still coming along! This week, … Continue reading

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